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Today, in the Italian town of Montichiari, a thousand people broke into a breeding facility where there are about 2500 beagles destined to vivisection and animal testing.

The crowd managed to free about 30 animals before being chased away by the police. 12 were arrested and some have been reportedly hit by the policemen.

These people are all part of the committee that wants to shut down the facility and free all the animals. They have so far been completely ignored by the politicians.

At this link [click here] you can read the article (in Italian) but most importantly you can see the video of the local news station. Seeing so many people carrying dogs so lovingly as they ran, and hearing the crowd cheer every time a puppy was handed over the fence, made me cry like a baby.

You go, guys. This is the Italy I love.

All of my feels :’(



America, we are capable of “occupying” Wall Street (and various other spaces already forcibly “occupied” by some of our ancestors) when it becomes difficult for young white people to live comfortably, but we can’t band together for a cause like this? Fuck you folks, I’m moving to Italy.

So damn cool.


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